• IMTECH was founded for R&D development specially.
  • It was the Period to make the sophisticated product's design newly.
  • So we have developed VCXO PECL 622.080Mhz and XO PECL & LVDS 312.5Mhz by using saw filtering. These products were exported to America and England.
  • For better support, we have joined and contracted with a manufacturing company on making our products, because we needed more workers and equipments. Now the factory is producing our products and we are supplying the design and materials for our mass production. The quality control is made by our production manager and engineer in that factory.
  • For better delivery and quality, we have acquired the crystal manufacturing company TechWin.
  • We have sold the precise types made by ourselves and also we have been reslling the products from our suppliers that we don't produce directly.

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